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In 2013, Suprema Marine was formed to fulfill a specific demand for high-quality, yet affordable sport and fishing boats and super yachts, serving the global market.

Managed by a core team of leading yacht-building specialists, dedicated to quality manufacturing, creative innovations, and technological superiority.

Suprema Marine boats and yachts are built to the highest standards in global boating and yacht designing and manufacturing, with an international accreditation of quality and conformity, and aims to become a major player and a leader in the global arena of luxury and sport yacht building.

This significant objective is only made possible due to the substantial investment in leading edge naval architecture, marine engineering, superior modern design, and technical support services available at the new state-of-the-art Suprema Marine manufacturing facilities.

Overall, Suprema Marine can be characterized as an international, high-profile, high-quality manufacturer of luxury and sport boats and yachts.