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International Limited Warranty Policy

This International limited warranty applies only to watercrafts used in normal recreational boating and yachting activities. Watercrafts used for racing, commercial or military activities are excluded from the coverage of this Warranty.


Suprema Marine warrants the first retail client that the general construction, (excluding fair wear & tear) of each watercraft purchased through an authorized distributor or directly from Suprema Marine, will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ONE (1) year from the date of delivery to the authorized distributor, or in case of direct purchase from Suprema Marine, from the date of delivery to the client.



Suprema Marine warrants the first retail client that the hull of each watercraft will be free from structural defects in materials and workmanship for THREE (3) years from the date of delivery to the authorized distributor, or in case of direct purchase from Suprema Marine, from the date of delivery to the client. Suprema Marine offers a THREE (3) year warranty against blistering of gel coats caused by osmosis and solar action. Proof of professionally applied bottom coatings (anti-fouling) is required to validate this warranty.



Hulls modified or re-powered with an engine, in case of watercrafts different from the originally installed type, and in case of other watercrafts powered with (a) higher power engine(s) than recommended by Suprema Marine, are not covered by this warranty. This limited warranty applies to the structural integrity of the hull, deck and supporting stringers. It does not apply to cosmetic defects including discoloration of gel coats, paints, tapes, graphics or coloration. The Suprema Marine warranty is limited to repairing that which we determine to be structurally defective.



All proprietary items are subject to the suppliers or original manufacturer warranty terms. This warranty is including all mechanical, electrical, electronics and navigation items. 



This warranty doesn't apply to problems caused by improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect, accident, corrosion, electrolysis, improper operation or structural alterations without prior written approval by Suprema Marine. Suprema Marine will not be liable for any incidental, consequential damage or any other type of loss, damage or expense of any kind including loss of profits.

This warranty policy does not apply to:

  • Gel Coats, paints, varnishes, locks, fabrics, chromium plated and stainless steel finishes because of differing climatic conditions.
  • Window and/or windshield glass breakage.
  • Fit and adjustment of exterior canvas tops, enclosures and weather covers.
  • Fuel consumption or performance characteristics because they are based on estimates.
  • Parts altered in any manner from original manufacture.
  • Sacrificial deterioration of Anti fouling paint or zinc anodes.
  • Loss of time, loss of income, loss of use, inconvenience, travel expense, transportation costs, towing, or other related matters not specifically covered herein.



Claims must be in writing to Suprema Marine supported by photographs and survey report(s), within 30 days or less of discovery of any alleged defect in materials or workmanship and before expiration of the limited warranty policy. The claim should include the watercraft serial number or hull identification number (HIV), date of purchase, and the name of the original distributor it was bought from, and a maximum of details on the reported problem itself. Defective items and equipment will be repaired only, not refunded or exchanged. Repairs will be restricted to Suprema Marine’s yard in Bahrain, or to a repair yard authorized and pre-approved in writing by Suprema Marine. Transportation of the watercraft to and from the Suprema Marine yard shall be at the client’s expense. If on site work is to be carried out by Suprema Marine technicians, traveling costs of the technicians or workers and on site accommodation is to the client’s account. 

Repair materials and their freight costs will be to Suprema Marine account, but related import duties and clearance charges are to the client’s account. Any repair works executed before getting Suprema Marine written approval will void this warranty policy. Third party repair work quotation needs to be pre-approved by Suprema Marine for any refund claim, and Suprema Marine cannot be held liable for, and this warranty policy does not apply to parts of the yacht which have been subject to third party repair works.



Proper warranty registration is required to validate the Suprema Marine warranty policy terms. Suprema Marine warranty is only valid from the moment of reception of an original signed copy of this warranty policy at Suprema Marine Headquarters, confirming that he client has read and accepted the above warranty policy terms. We recommend the client to sign and date this very warranty policy document at the time of delivery of the purchased yacht, to assure him of proper warranty coverage from the moment of delivery onwards. The detailed warranty conditions may be modified at any time by Suprema Marine due to changes in the worldwide market conditions or in order to improve its client’s service.